Inspection, analysis and certification


We perform inspections safeguarding the interests of all the parties involved in the logistics chain, with the sole purpose of obtaining a “compliant product”, while controlling the different steps of operations, from production to exportation and from importation to distribution.

The place for inspection (port terminals, process plants, stockpiles, fiscal warehouses, etc.) is appointed by our clients.

Our inspectors are trained and authorized by national institutes, and work consciously, professionally and adequately to perform their assigned job in a proper way.


We conduct physical and chemical analyses corresponding to FOSFA, GAFTA, and ANEC contracts, or according to client's request.


Our certificates of weight, quality, and condition are recognised by national and international institutes. We issue e-certificates, thus accelerating the delivery time of documents.
Summary of services
  • Surveyor: weight, quality, and condition control in exportations and importations
  • Surveyor double check: second control in vessels
  • Draft Survey: draft inspection
  • Audits: inspection on stock installation, storage, and control in warehouses
  • Quality checks
  • International certifications
  • Others
Operation areas
  • Port terminals
  • Industrial plants
  • Warehouses
Controlled goods
  • Rails
  • Billets and profiles
  • Minerals of different kinds
  • Building iron
  • Other industrial products
Controlled packaging
  • Bulk
  • Pallets
  • Packing
  • River-sea: vessels, barges
  • Land: trucks, containers, waggons
Inspection, analysis and certification