Published: 03 Jul 2019 News
Published: 12 Jun 2019 Agro
Published: 04 Jun 2019 Agro
In Entre Ríos the National Agricultural and Livestock census continues Published: 28 Feb 2019 Agro
From the General Directorate of Statistics and Census of Entre Ríos it was reported that attentive to the provisions of the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses -INDEC-
Policies to activate the agricultural sector Published: 28 Feb 2019 Agro
The Workers' Confederations, such as the CUT, the CGT and the CTC, declared their concern about the unemployment rate that stood at 9.7% in 2018
Explain the scope of the emergency Published: 28 Feb 2019 Agro
The National Government declared the Emergency and / or Agricultural Disaster in different provinces due to climatic events that occurred in 2018.