About Us


We are a company committed to the service of inspection, analysis, and certification of different types of goods, and we cover the totality of the logistics chain.
Our aim is connecting Argentina to the world, and we achieve it by operating in the main port terminals of the country and by means of the representations in the rest of America, Europe, and Asia.

Our offices are established in the center of the agro-export sector in Argentina. We conduct operations in all of Argentina's ports and in the Paraná-Paraguay Waterway. In 2018 we also set commercial offices in Uruguay and Paraguay, strengthening our regional presence, which allowed us to emerge as a leading company in the market and with a favorable geographical position regarding Mercosur.

We distinguish due to the professionalism and efficiency with which we develop our services. We control, analyze, audit, and certify import and export goods, making an exhaustive tracking of the operations, working along incidents, optimizing every step, avoiding losses and minimizing risks. We follow all the operations in the logistics chain, from production to exportation of goods, and from importation to distribution of them.

We work hard in continuously improving our services during all the process of loading a vessel, from inspections in a hold, draft survey and load control to ultimate closing of holds' hatches and final documentation.
The delivery of certificates is fast, safe and seamless.

We work with adequacy and professionalism in all types of cargo: bulks, solids, liquids, minerals, irons, fertilizers, legumes, cereals and by-products; in all means of transport: river-sea (vessels and barges), land (trucks, containers, and wagons), and air (cargo aircraft); in all areas in which we operate: port terminals, plants, stockpiles, warehouses, facilities for food manufacturing, and refrigerators; and in all the services we offer: inspection for approval, revision on the general condition, verification of closures, sealing, and documentation in order.
Technology is always available to our clients through supervision and time reports, stock control, and information online 24/7.


  • We connect Argentina to the world.
  • We offer inspection, analysis, and certification services throughout the logistics chain, from production to exportation and importation of products.
  • Growing and innovating is our commitment.


  • Operagro is a company developed based on the coordinated efforts of a group of highly trained professionals.
  • We prioritize team and efficient work to meet our clients's expectations.


  • Deliver certified quality
  • Set a personalized contact with our clients
  • Express confidence by means of the commitment and efficiency in our services


  • Adequacy, dedication and commitment in our daily actions
  • Social responsibility and environmental protection
  • Passion for the work we do