Inspection for adequacy of vessels' holds and tanks

We inspect vessels' holds and tanks safeguarding the interests of all the parties involved in the logistics chain, with the sole purpose of obtaining a “compliant product.”
We verify that the goods are not infected or damaged due to the state or condition of the holds or tanks in which they are set.

The place for inspection (landfall, roadstead, dock or other) is appointed by our clients.

Our inspectors are trained and authorized by national institutes, and work consciously, professionally and adequately to perform their assigned job in a proper way.

Our certificates of competence are recognised by national and international institutes.

During inspection and depending on the product to be loaded, existence of the following is checked:

  • Live insects or arachnids
  • Oxide detachable in significant areas
  • Moisture on a significant area
  • Damage causing leaks
  • Smells that would lead to commercial objection
  • Wet paint on a significant area
  • Polluting wastes from previous loads
  • Rodents or excrement
  • Other reasons for rejection or objection: defective closure of the hatches, poor separation between loads, failure of the hydraulic system of the hatches, bilge water, wood for support, etc
Inspection for adequacy of vessels' holds and tanks